Serving in the National Guard or Reserves

Some service members decide to end their active duty careers, but still want the option of serving their country with less time demand. The best option for these individuals is to join their respective branch’s local National Guard or Reserve Forces. Being in the reserves is less of a time commitment for most people, and it allows the service member to lead successful civilian careers and still fulfill their duty to their country. Both the Reserve Forces and the National Guard have a lot of benefits that entice service members to continue their commitment, we will discuss them below.

Tuition Assistance Programs:

Nevada National Guard Tuition Waiver Program:

The University of Nevada System provides 100% tuition waiver, excluding some laboratory and university fees, to all current and newly recruited members of the Nevada National Guard at all state universities and community colleges. There is no limit on number of credits taken.

Eligibility: Available for traditional classroom education only and students/National Guard member must maintain a 2.0 GPA per semester.

Nevada Military College Tuition Fees:

Those active duty service members and their families will be exempt from university fees while permanently stationed on a military facility within Nevada.

Eligibility: Member of the Armed Forces of the United States, on active duty, stationed in Nevada as a result of a permanent change of duty station pursuant to military orders, or a person whose spouse, family or legal guardian is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States stationed in Nevada as a result of a permanent change of duty station pursuant to military orders.

Nevada Veterans Tuition Assistance:

50 percent of all fees paid at state universities or community colleges.

Eligibility: Army Reserves and National Guard service member.

Nevada National Guard Educational Encouragement Fund:

Reimbursement may be made for up to 50% of the tuition paid by the member and will be based on classes completed with a “ C” or better at selected accredited Nevada institutions for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Eligibility: National Guard service member.

These are a few perks the state of Nevada provide to eligible National Guard and Reserve members to continue their education. In my next blog post, I will cover what incentives the VA offers reserve student veterans who return to the classroom as well as fulfill their reserve obligation.

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