Re-entering the workforce

Finding a civilian job after you have decided to get out of the military can be tough, especially learning how to translate the work you have done in the military into civilian terminology. One of the biggest issues service members face is being able to shift from military jargon and language to civilian terminology and language. This can be a difficult part of the transition for so many because many service members joined right out of high school and their only professional career has been their military service. Being able to translate all of your military experience is vital for what type of job you are able to land after you decide to exit the service.

This is why it is so pivotal for service members to be offered transitional career services to assist them in being able to be re-introduced to the civilian workforce and help with rewriting resumes and interview techniques. With so many service members having issues with reintegration when they decide to separate, many branches of the service have stepped up and started to provide these services. Many veteran support organizations provide courses to assist veterans in their transition, this course usually encompasses career support, resume writing assistance, interviewing assistance, and other assistance. These programs have helped so many service members successfully re-create a stellar resume and learn vital interview tactics, that allow them to land a job immediately after exiting the military.

Many of these Transistance Assistance Programs (TAP) are provided by the VA, state veteran organizations, and veteran non-profit organizations to decrease the burden associated with the military to civilian transition. The good news is that service members have the ability to utilize these programs as many times as they need, and many of these programs are also available for the service members’ spouses as well. These programs also offer different career fairs to ensure the transitioning service member has every opportunity for re-employment after they exit the military. Another great tools that can assist veterans with finding re-employment, is that some government jobs give preference to previous service members and their spouses. There are so many of these organizations that provide these services free of charge to ensure all service members can be re-employed, and can smoothly transition to the civilian workforce.

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