Mental health challenges during the transition

Many service members deal with anxiety and stress associated with the worries of transitioning out of the military. The thought of the unknown, not being able to control what the future may hold. Leaving what many have had as their only source of stability their entire lives, or since they joined straight out of high school. Whatever the personalized reason is for each service member, it all yields the same results with them not knowing how to deal with these feelings.

In most cases, over time these stressors will go away after the service member has successfully transitioned out of the military and established their new life as a civilian. On the other hand, this stress can ignite mental health challenges in service members who already suffer from PTSD. Many service members may suffer from PTSD which can be attributed to a traumatic event that happened while in combat, or during their time in service. For so many, symptoms of PTSD don’t manifest in the service member until they have completely separated from the military, and are no longer in that environment anymore.

For all service members transitioning out of the military, it is very important that you establish your healthcare providers once you have moved and settled into your new home. Whether it be your local VA or a civilian medical provider, it is vital that you have a primary care provider that can refer you to a counselor or mental health specialist that can assist you in the stressors that come with transitioning. They can also help you recognize the signs and symptoms of PTSD or transition stressors and provide you with the appropriate care. Taking care of your mental health is the first step towards living a productive new civilian life. Please like, comment, or share my blog post.

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